IT Infrastructure Architect

Overview Selective is seeking a Infrastructure Architect who plans and organizes the implementation of the essential architecture for the Network and Telecom areas. Translates short and long range strategic plans for network and telecom architecture into design and implementation of current and future applications and enterprise-wide solutions. All job duties and responsibilities must be carried out in compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.   Responsibilities Assists in the development, specification and communication of the organizations network and telecom architecture plan, the infrastructure components required to support it and in the integration with other infrastructure and business area architectures. Coordinates implementation activities surrounding solutions which service the entire enterprise. Develops, submits and maintains network and telecom architecture critical path schedules and initiates action to correct any deviations from this schedule. Identifies implementation risks and analyzes potential impact to enterprise infrastructurearchitecture and enterprise-wide solutions. Schedules, develops and implements risk closure plans. Develops methodology for maintaining and managing the use of the infrastructurearchitecture long range strategic plans and solutions. Architect solutions in the network and telecom space, that solve problems, address systems currency and/or dovetails with wider infrastructurearchitecture objectives. Recognizes and identifies potential areas where existing policies and procedures require change, or where new ones need to be developed, especially regarding future business expansion, as well as technology, systems and solution evolution. Assesses the scalability, security and availability of new systems technologies and enterprise-wide solutions. Performs general supervision and is competent in most phases of the system architecture projects requiring only general direction for the balance of the activities.   Qualifications Knowledge at the expert level of network and telecom equipment and solutions. Ability to plan and control projects Ability to understand and clearly relate to other members of the organization, technical manuals, software specifications, hardware principals of operations, and general methods of systems operations College degreein computer science, information technology or a related field preferred. 7+ years Infrastructure Engineering or Network/Telecom Architecture 6137
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
8 - 10 years

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